Maxine L. Moore

I am a storyteller, and I have fallen in love with telling stories through images. I have been able to indulge this passion of mine in multiple ways, including my business, Side Hustle Stories Photography. I am a huge fan of travel, podcasts, theater, live music, and pretty much anything artistic. I live with my husband Mark, a fellow creative, in the Washington, DC area.

While taking the time to perfect my craft, I also work for the federal government in public diplomacy, telling the story of the United States to the world. I’m lucky to be able to use my love of storytelling in my professional career, and it has truly helped me to become a better storyteller through my images. If you’re interested in learning more about my professional work, please visit my LinkedIn page.


Side Hustle Stories Photography is the home of my photographic work, from portraits and other client sessions, to personal projects and art prints for purchase. I thoroughly enjoy being able to turn a personal passion of mine into a talent that I can share with others.

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Video Production

Ever since taking documentary film classes during my college career, I’ve been interested in video production. The result of that first year of film education led me to help create Slam Richmond, a documentary about a slam poetry event and team of the same name in Richmond, VA. I directed & worked on this project with my Documentary Journalism II class at the University of Richmond, under the guidance of Professor Robert Hodierne. In April 2010, this film aired on PBS stations in Richmond. If you’re interested, you can view this documentary in its entirety at the University of Richmond library.

Since then, my film education has continued in multiple ways. I have helped out behind the scenes on independent film sets, I’ve produced projects at the day job, and I’ve also stepped out into solo freelance video production. In 2015, I produced promotional videos for the book “Twisted: My Dreadlock Chronicles” by Bert Ashe. I worked with the author to bring the videos to life, including casting talent, conducting interviews with subjects, and creating graphics for the project.

Currently I’m a Video Production Coordinator at the Department of State, where I help stakeholders understand how video can work within their campaign goals, define the scope of their projects, assign projects, track & report on their status, and troubleshoot challenges…and every once in a while, provide a voiceover!